Artem Volosniev joins the group

Welcome to Dr. Artem Volosniev, who just joined our group as an IST Plus postdoctoral fellow. Here is how he describes his way here:

“I spent most of my childhood hanging around in Slavyansk – a small town in Ukraine. Theoretical Physics won me over only after I moved to Kharkiv to study for a university degree. My life as a scientist commenced in 2010 when I started as a PhD student at the Aarhus University (Denmark). My research there was focused on few-body physics in cold atomic gases. After graduating, I experienced a possible solution to a two-body problem in physics – I got attracted by my wife to Darmstadt (Germany). TU Darmstadt gave me the opportunity to learn about recent developments in nuclear physics. Later I attempted to apply some of that knowledge to solving problems relevant for cold atomic gases.”

Artem Volosniev