Dr. Alberto Cappellaro, postdoc

E-mail: alberto.cappellaro@ist.ac.at

Institute of Science and Technology Austria
Am Campus 1
3400 Klosterneuburg

Curriculum Vitae in pdf
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I was born, raised and educated in Padova, an Italian city on the west of Venice and south of Prosecco hills, mostly famous for its University, one of the oldest in the whole of Europe. There, under the supervision of Prof. Luca Salasnich I got my Master’s degree (2014) and a Phd in Physics (2018), working mostly with the theory of many-body quantum states. A great share of my research effort has been devoted to cold atoms (one of the most exciting setup ever) and their self-bound states (droplets, solitons, filaments and so on). More recently I got interested in (quantum) hydrodynamics and the old issue of sound propagation, but revisited for quantum fluids.

After the first postdoctoral appointment in Italy, in February 2021 I joined the group of Prof. Lemeshko, fascinated by their scientific quests at the boundary between molecular physics, condensed matter and the theory of open quantum systems.

Besides cold atoms and fluctuating fields, I enjoy my free time playing (and talking about) basketball and football, reading crime novels and watching TV series (Twin Peaks above all).